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Survivor Services


Individual Therapy is available, at no charge, to survivors, their families and significant others with C.A.S.A.’s professional staff of Marriage and Family Therapist

Child Abuse and Neglect Therapy Services

Case Management Services

Support Groups C.A.S.A. holds many support groups to meet the needs of the community we serve. The groups we currently have are: Women Group, Males Group, Beyond Parenting, Parents Support Group, Spanish Speaking Women Group, WBW Teen Art Therapy Group, WBW Child Art Group and a group for members of the LBGTQIA community.

Accompaniment Services, C.A.S.A. State Certified Advocates will provide survivors with in-person support during:

  • Interviews with law enforcement.
  • Forensic exams at Rancho Springs Medical Center and Hemet Valley Medical Center.
  • Any other legal proceedings.
  • Law Enforcement

Advocacy Services C.A.S.A. staff are available to assist survivors, their families and significant others with completing:

Assistance with Applications for Temporary Restraining Orders of Protection, Victim Compensation Packet and The Safe at Home Enrollment Application.

Referrals and Resources C.A.S.A. provides survivors, their families and significant others with additional resources and referrals to outside agencies including financial, legal and housing.

Campus Based Title IX Prevention and Intervention Services at MSJC San Jacinto Campus.

Self Defense Classes for a nominal fee.