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C.A.S.A. has a comprehensive Human Trafficking Program that provides specialized services to Human Trafficking Survivors. Our Human Trafficking Program adheres to agency protocols specifically designed to meet the needs of a Human Trafficking Survivor.

C.A.S.A.’s Human Trafficking Program also has specialized Outreach Services, Case
Management and Community Education to better service
Human Trafficking Survivors in the San Jacinto Valley.

Help Support Victims of Human Trafficking!

This campaign was started by the Human Trafficking Division at the Center Of Sexual Assault (C.A.S.A.) to support the victims and survivors of Human Trafficking in SouthWest Riverside County.

Since the launch of our Human Trafficking Division in June 2016, C.A.S.A. has seen an increasing need for support and services for local victims and survivors of Human Trafficking. The Human Trafficking Divison provides free servicers consisting of:

· Counseling

· Support Group

· Advocacy: Hospital and Court Accompaniment, 24-hour Crisis Hotline, …

· Referral and Resources

· Case Management

C.A.S.A.’s Human Trafficking Division initiated the #KnowYourWorth Campaign to support the overwhelming number of victims and survivors in our service location and to raise awareness and prevention in our valley. Donations to the Campaign will be utilized for:

· Survivor Bags

· Advocacy

· Community Prevention and Outreach

· Emergency Transportation

· Counseling Services

· Temporary Emergency Shelter

Please help C.A.S.A. in the fight against human trafficking by contributing to our #KnowYourWorth Campaign.

Thank you for your support!