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California Snapshot

California is home to over 2 million women who are survivors of rape, and approximately 8.5 million men and women are survivors of sexual violence other than rape over their lifetime. It is estimated that 3 million are male survivors.

Survivor Services in 2014-2015

  • California’s rape crisis centers served 31,790 survivors of sexual violence in the state.
  • The Center Against Sexual Assault of Southwest Riverside County (C.A.S.A.) served 531 survivors of sexual violence.
  • The state of California allocated $1.42 per survivor from the general fund.

Rape and sexual assault statistics are difficult to determine because only approximately 16% of sexual assaults are reported. If all survivors of sexual violence came forward for support and services, rape crisis centers in California would be forced to turn survivors away due to a lack of resources.

Prevention Services in 2014-2015

  • 134,322 people received community education about sexual violence.

· C.A.S.A. educated 1,681 people about sexual violence.