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C.A.S.A Advocates

To hear understanding and supportive words after telling someone about an assault can make all the difference in a survivor’s path to healing. You can be that voice of hope by becoming a hotline advocate for C.A.S.A.

As an advocate you provide:

  • emotional support
  • information
  • support at the hospital, court & with law enforcement
  • confidentiality
  • access to resources
  • empowerment & healing

Prevention Programs

Be part of an unforgettable educational experience as a member of C.A.S.A.’s The Kids on the Block, Inc. puppet troupe. The “kids” deal with the tough topics of Bullying and School Safety and Sexual Abuse “using frank and often humorous communication of facts and feelings between the puppet characters and the audience.”

As a puppeteer you will:

  • be trained in the Japanese style of puppetry call Bunraku
  • encourage children to talk about their feelings and about unjust situations
  • increase awareness and acceptance of human similarities and differences

C.A.S.A.’s The Kids on the Block, Inc. puppet troupe is made possible through a grant from the Soboba Foundation.

Upstander Facilitator

Inspire middle and high school students to change the culture that tolerates sexual violence and oppression.

As a facilitator you will:

  • educate students about sexual harassment & sexual assault
    facilitate dialogues with single-gendered groups
    teach youth to be effective bystanders & intervene in situations that could lead to sexual violence.

As an advocate you will provide local community agencies and service clubs with:

  • Presentations on C.A.S.A. services and programs
  • An understanding of sexual violence
  • Information on how to help C.A.S.A.